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As part of our mission to make college Cross Country and Track & Field recruiting information more accessible, Runcruit provides 100,000 high school athletes every month with data and analysis designed to support their recruiting journeys. The high volume of visits to our standards pages, and the positive responses our tools receive from athletes, their parents and coaches, reflect a real need for the service Runcruit provides.

As a college coach, recruiting standards are by nature, yours. While we constantly refine our estimates to best predict real world results, their value lies in how closely they correspond to your vision for your rosters. We want to do this right for our visitors’ sake, and in turn for you, provide visibility for your programs to highly-matched athletes from around the world.

To this end, we invite you to our Coach Portal. Here you can directly edit the standards listed on our pages and/or remove any events that you're not currently recruiting. This will allow you to calibrate the leads from Runcruit to best suit your current needs. In future releases, the Coach Portal will also include analytics and other helpful tools.

This service is free. For access, send an email from your school account here.

Coach Portal
Runcruit's Coach Portal